Sustainable and integrated fish culture to meet the nutritional and other basic needs of the young disadvantaged Christian girls of Home of Blessings

15.04.2019 - Article

Christian Service Society (CSS), a development organisation in the southwest of Bangladesh, provides shelter and education to around 600 poor and orphan Christian girls in two of its shelter houses, Home of Blessings, located at Gallamari and Batiaghata upazila in Khulna. In 2015, this program suffered from shortage of resources. Adjustments to keep the expenses within its capacity by curtailing of daily necessities including costs of food for the girls were made. CSS was aware that the reduced food costs would have consequences on nutritional needs of the growing age girls and was desperate in finding a solution. One solution was the implementation of an integrated fish culture project in the existing 6 ponds of the shelter homes. German funding to this project contributed in excavation and renovation of 3 ponds including construction of erosion protection walls, technical training for 20 girls on fish culture and purchasing of fingerlings and other materials necessary for the cultivation.

Upon completion of the project the trained girls are now well managing the cultivation, resulting to enough fish in their daily food menu. The trained girls now have improved knowledge and hands-on experience in fish cultivation and they are transferring these skills to other girls. Some of the girls have applied their new skills in their own homes. Surplus production of fish generates 'cash' which contributes to continue the project running beyond the project period. CSS has been looking for a sustainable income source to complement the costs of the orphanages, and it sees the fish cultivation project as a convincing option.  

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