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01.12.2017 - Article

You may get copies of your original documents and certificates attested by the German Embassy in Dhaka. Generally, such copies, along with the respective originals, are to be handed in through the visa section of the Embassy. Submission of documents may take place on Sunday and Wednesday between 03.00 pm - 03.30 pm. The fee arising depends on the number of pages and the language they are written in. The minimum fee is EUR 10.00 converted to BDT according to the current exchange rate of the Embassy’s accounts office. Payments are accepted in BDT only.

In order to verify the need of the attestation for study purposes, the person requiring attestation MUST carry a filled-up printout of the document downloadable below as well as his / her passport and a photo copy of that passport. Please fill in the form on a computer, NOT by handwriting. Note, that next to “Website:” you should type the exact link that lists the documents that are required for admission to a particular university or language course (example of such a website given at the bottom of this page). Furthermore, it is required that a printout of the relevant part of the website (listing the documents required for admission) be attached. Alternatively, please bring along an e-mail printout from your university or language school describing which documents are needed.

The attestation procedure takes five to ten working days. Sets of documents that do not comply with the regulations above are not being attested and given back to the applicant.

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