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22.11.2017 - Article

Please book an appointment online to submit your application that you completed based on the information found on our website.

Dear Students,
please note that the necessary amount for the block account deposit has been raised! From 1st September 2019 (date of submission of the application) all applicants must provide the total sum of 10,236/- Euro in their block account (853/- Euro per month).

One appointment per person and application each is required. Please understand that you will only be admitted into the Embassy's visa section if carry a photo ID on you that matches the information submitted in your reservation.

Please only book an appointment which you are actually able to keep. If you cannot keep an appointment that has already been booked, you are kindly asked to cancel it online. This will help us to reduce long terms of waiting and leaves a gap for emergencies and applications of high urgency.

Please schedule your appointment here in our online booking system.

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